Amazonia Praiano Sunglasses for Her



Amazonia is named in honour of the legendary women warriors of the ancient world. In Greek mythology, they were even portrayed in poems and legends, such as the labours of Hercules, the Argonautica and the liad.

ENKI’S don’t just pop out of a machine; around 80% of the process of making a pair is done by hand. From the first-hand sketch to the filing and polishing of the frames, installing the hinges and components, and then onto fitting the lenses. There’s a lot of energy that goes into making a pair of ENKI’S for them to make it out into this incredible world, and only the strongest survive.

All ENKI’S comply with the European Union’s stringent regulation and carry the iconic CE logo (as per Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC).

ENKI uses hypoallergenic nickel-free stainless steel and titanium metals and are fitted with a POLYCARBONATE CR-39 lens, which blocks 100% of the suns harsh UV rays so you can be sure that while you’re making a fierce statement, your eyes are getting loads of love too.

Express Delivery 3-4 Business Days.
Standard Delivery 7-10 Business Days.

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